Twilight Zone Temperature

• The processor temperatures are a major concern for us. Can you analyze and describe the sample data? What are the average and median temperatures? How much variability is there in the temperatures? Is there anything that stands out?

• Our engineers’ assumption is that the temperature data is normally distributed. If that is the case, what would be the likelihood that the Twilight Zone temperature will exceed 5 degrees? What is the probability that the Twilight Zone temperatures will be less than 4.5 degrees?

• What is the actual percentage of samples that exceed 5 degrees or are less than 4.5 degrees?

• Is the manufacturing process producing units with stable Twilight Zone temperatures? Can you check if there are any apparent changes in the temperature pattern? Are there any outliers? A closer look at the Z-scores should help you in this regard.

• How do the samples hold up to the speed test? What percentages of the samples pass or fail the test?

• What would be the likelihood of having the following specific number of speed test failures in the next 100 processors tested?

o 5 failures, 10 failures, 15 failures and 20 failures.


In order to present your work in a professional manner, you should make a final check using the following checklist.

1. The project contains all of the required parts.

2. The memo does not exceed three pages.

3. The memo is typed in an easy-to-read font (no smaller than 12 pt.), using a standard memo format, single-spaced (double-spaced between paragraphs), with page numbers, appropriate margins, etc.

4. The entire project is professional looking: the analysis is neatly and clearly presented, and graphs follow proper format.

5. The entire project has been carefully proofread and contains no fatal errors.

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