Role of Data Warehousing in Walmart

You have been engaged as a MIS consultant for the following organisation.

Walmart is the largest retail company in the United States . Currently Walmart operates over 4,700 retail facilities globally (Walmart Inc., 2020) with revenues of more than 510 Billlion U.S. Dollars (according to the Fortune 500 index). Recently, Amazon implemented a new innovative strategy called ‘Amazon Go’ convenient stores, where customers can simply pick up items and walk out of the store without checking on a cashier. In the same vein, Walmart is currently looking for counter-strategies in order to increase their e-commerce shares.

Question: Describe the different forms of data and the role of data warehousing in Walmart. In your analysis, you should evaluate the current Information Systems and provide recommendations to the board of directors about big data solutions. In order to fully answer the question, a detailed description of the proposed solution is needed providing the advantages and disadvantages of the system in response to Amazon’s strategy.

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