WHS Management System and Risk Management Practices

Assessment Task 2 – The WHS Management System Write a report detailing the WHS Management system and risk management practices for the case study organisation. Your report will need to: 1. 2. 9. Identify roles responsibilities and accountability for WHS in the organisation.

Outline the required WHS policies, procedures and practices the company will need to have. Explain the role of the manager/supervisor and/or team leader in the WHS system. Identify how WHS issues, incidents and accidents will be reported investigated, analysed documented and communicated to relevant stakeholders. (This could be flow- charted with sample reporting documents attached). Outline the communication processes and consultative arrangements in place in the organization.

Outline the frequency that hazard identification, risk/safety auditsr evacuation procedures and fire drills will be conducted in the workplace. Outline the expected WHS training needs for the organisation, this could incorporate coaching, mentoring and training that will be provided to address those needs (make sure you address the training needs of managers, workers, WHS Reps and Induction training etc.)

Explain how the system supports compliance with the WHS laws and codes of practice and how it will move the organisation towards best practice through continuous improvement processes. Outline the process for monitoring and review and continuous improvement 10.Identify any deficiencies in the organisation’s policy and procedures and make recommendations on how these may be improved to ensure compliance with the relevant legislation, regulation, codes of practice etc. WHS Management system and risk management practices 1. 2. 3. 99°F???

A work environment that is free of hazards to one’s health and safety Plant and buildings that are safe to use, handler and store plant, buildings, and chemicals that are safe to use, handle, and store Data, education, teaching, or supervision that really is essential to safeguard all people from hazards to human safety and health deriving through work performed by the PCBU, and ongoing monitoring of current workplace circumstances and worker health for the goal of avoiding injury or illness. To obtain a knowledge of the business processes and the hazards and risks implicated;

To assuring appropriate resources and processes are supplied to empower dangers to also be recognized and dangers to be removed or minimized; To assuring details concerning occurrences. dangers. and dangers is did receive and dealt with in a timely manner: To make sure the PCBU has, and implore others to have, a comprehend of work health and safety things matter; To make sure the PCBU has, and implore others to have, a comprehend of the daily operations and the potential hazards implicated; To ensure processes are verified, monitored and reviewed.

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