Nursing Homework Help|Electronic Database Search Strategies

Electronic Database Search Strategies


  • Identify electronic database search strategies (e.g.,CINAHL, PubMed)
  • Locating and evaluating sources of evidence


Step 1: Research

  • Interview a librarian or nursing scholar on methods for locating and appraising heath and other relevant research literature and electronic database search on strategies.
  • You may want to base this research on your idea for your Capstone Project.

Step 2: Consider

  • Write a quality appraisal of the Library and resources.
    • What did you learn?
    • How do you locate and evaluate sources of evidence?
    • Which electronic database would you use most and what types of search words would you use?
    • What are the strengths?
    • What are the weaknesses?
    • Is it adequate? Why or why not?



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