Select a decision that has been made in a complex decision-making workplace environment

Instruction Details

Select a decision that has been made in a complex decision-making workplace environment. This decision can either be one that you have taken part in at your workplace or one that you find from research of real-world examples.

In your analysis of your selected decision, undertake the following:

  • Describe the problem/ opportunity requiring a decision.
  • Explain the decision-making process using Simon’s normative model (intelligence, design, choice, and implementation).
  • Discuss the distortions that influenced the quality of the decision.  from the following kind Anchoring, framing, availability Heuristic, Confirmation Bias, Commitment Escalation or Hindsight Bias
  • Determine the most appropriate decision-making techniques and/or technologies that would best mitigate the identified distortions and address the underlying causes of making low-quality decisions, in turn improving the decision-making process. From the following techniques: Mind Mapping, Dialogue Mapping, Issue- based information system (IBIS), six thinking hats, soft system Methodology, Rich Picture, CATWOE, Conceptual model, comparison of model and real world. – Spreadsheets (Scenario Manager, Goal Seek, Data Table) – Artificial Intelligence (Expert systems, machine Learning) – MCDM Techniques
  • Describe how the selected technique/technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of future decision-making processes.

Suggested Structure

  1. Decision Overview
  • Provide an overview of the situation.
  • Explain the decision that was made
  1. Decision-Making Process
  • Explain the decision-making process at relevant phases.
  • It is essential to establish a clear link between the following phases. For instance, the alternatives should be evaluated in the choice phase based on the selection criteria listed in the design phase.
  • Reference is not required in this section.

Intelligence Phase


Design Phase


Choice Phase


Implementation Phase


  • 3. Distortions
  • Provide at least two distortions.
  • State the distortions in a way that is consistent with their definitions.
  • References are not required in this section.
  1. Recommended Decision-Making Techniques/Technologies
  • A clear link between recommended decision-making techniques/ technologies and discussed distortions is required.
  • Support the recommended techniques/technologies with relevant references

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