School Counseling Specialization

Instruction Details

School Counseling Specialization:

Client Information:

  • Name: Sarah
  • Age: 16
  • Ethnicity: Latina
  • School: Lincoln High School


Sarah is a 16-year-old Latina student attending Lincoln High School. The school is located in a mid-western state and city where the demographic makeup is as follows: White (63%), Black (14%), Asian (7%), Pacific Islander (3%), and Hispanic/Latino (13%). She comes from a low-income background and is the first in her family to pursue higher education. Sarah is a high-achieving student with aspirations to attend college. However, she is facing several challenges that are impacting her academic performance and emotional well-being. Sarah’s meetings with the counselor have focused on her frustration with her poor performance in Chemistry and the increasing amount of stress she feels that is impacting her relationships with her peers. Sarah has good relationships with all of her teachers except her Chemistry teachers.  She has perfect attendance in each of her classes but struggles to get to her Chemistry class on time every day, right after lunch. Sarah explains that her lack of connection with the teacher in Chemistry is because the teacher does not like her. Sarah’s parents are unaware of her struggles and the counseling services she is receiving at school. Sarah is hesitant to involve her parents due to cultural norms and her fear of their reaction. The counselor notices that cultural factors, such as language barriers and a lack of resources, may be contributing to Sarah’s academic difficulties.

FYI: I am form State of Georgia


State Laws and Regulations

  1. Describe at least two state legal standards that help counselors establish ethical relationships with clients or students through two specific requirements (e.g., informed consent, managing boundaries, payment for services, etc.).
  2. Include any additional state statutes or local district policies that guide counselors (you may include a link to the statutes or policies).
  3. Reflect on the impact state laws have on the counseling relationship.

Diverse Populations

  1. Describe the ethical responsibilities when counseling diverse populations.
  2. Explain how ethical responsibilities affect the counseling relationship in a way well supported by the literature.

Ethical Codes and Standards

  1. Describe three specific ethical codes/standards that would guide you in managing the relationship in the ethical dilemma.

Ethical code/standard 1:

Ethical code/standard 2:

Ethical code/standard 3:

  1. Explain how these codes/standards could be applied to mitigate the ethical dilemma.

Interdisciplinary Team

  1. Articulate strategies for interfacing ethically with the interdisciplinary team involved in a case.
  2. Explain the impact this interaction might have on the counseling relationship.

Complete Answer:

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