Module 2 Assignment – Amazon Analysis After reading Chapter 2 – Global Business and Collaboration

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Module 2 Assignment

Amazon Analysis After reading Chapter 2:

Global Business and Collaboration. Let’s take a closer look at the major features of a business and how they play a vital role in the success of any organization. Address how Amazon is successful in each area below. Include specific examples that will help any reader who is unfamiliar with each understand how Amazon achieves each objective.

This should be a thorough analysis with sources cited. Submit your assignment via File Upload in Canvas. Practice writing all papers in APA format.

1. Achieve Operational Excellence

2. Develop new products and services

3. Attain customer intimacy and service

4. Improve decision making

5. Promote competitive advantage

6. Ensure survival

7. Global operations

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Question 1

Part 1: Job Analysis and Descriptions
*Decide on a job you would like to have in this case your job will be A Logistician.
*Search for at least three descriptions for this job online. One source to research is the Occupational Outlook Handbook at O
*Net Online (US Department of Labor). You can also search in (same database).Find two other sources—perhaps a company website’s job description, information provided by a professional organization (IIE, IEEE, SHRM, etc.)Secure copies of the job descriptions you located and include the source(s) with the respective job descriptions.
Be sure to locate job specifications for the job. The specifications should include the appropriate knowledge, skills, and abilities, including education, experience, and certification required for the job.
They should be set at a level for someone who enters the job. Working Conditions might be important for some jobs. If the job is performed under adverse conditions or if it requires travel, be sure to include this. How to organize this part of the assignment:
Provide a Project
In an introductory paragraph/page, identify the job you are interested in and explain why that job is attractive to you. Discuss the state of the job market for that job–what are the prospects for growth, in what industries, who might be key hiring companies Next create a summary job description based on the three job descriptions you obtained. Include job specifications (relevant experience, education, and qualifications–not the extensive listing one would find in O*NET online). Include the references consulted. Place the job descriptions you obtained from outside sources in an appendix to the final project.
Part 2:
Recruitment Plan for the Job
Consider yourself a consultant to an employer who needs to hire at least two individuals for the job you described in the previous assignment. Assume that the employer’s business is located in metropolitan Atlanta. The employer needs to hire one person within the next four weeks and a second person within three months. (Two different hiring dates)Identify four different and specific recruitment sources (name them, not just the general type of source)from which the employer could recruit candidates for this position. This means that you should not list just websites. Be specific, not general, in naming these sources (example: Wall Street Journal, Manpower Associates, Institute of Industrial Engineers, Career Services at XYZ University, a specific website for professionals, etc. ).For each source, provide the following information:
Your rationale for recommending the source. Explain why the source would be a good recruitment source for the specific position.
An estimate of how much it costs to advertise with that source (based on actual information that you gather). Call the source, research the website in-depth, or email the source for details. Obtain real data, not speculation. Cite sources used. [Do not make up your own numbers.]

Question 2

HIS 117 Source Analysis Guidelines and Rubric Working in world history means working with a variety of primary-source types. Writing, artifacts, artwork, gravesites, and even human remains are all historical records that allow us glimpses into the past. In this class, you will be given case studies involving a primary source that you must analyze for clues about the society that produced it. A strong paper will include the following:
A clearly worded thesis statement that offers a direct response to the prompt
Specific observations about the primary source used as support for the thesis
Connections to the textbook, module overviews, or outside secondary sources as a means of commenting on the significance of the source to the content of the module Remember above all that the source analysis papers should put forward an argument: a position you adopt that expresses your educated opinion about the source. Be careful not to rely on describing the source; use description only as a means of offering specific examples in support of your thesis. The two source analysis papers each have a unique prompt, but both have the following requirements:
One page in length
Double-spaced and in a standard 12-point font
Chicago-style footnotes used as a citation method Source Analysis Paper Instructions1.IntroductionYour introduction should include the following:
Background information on the topic of your essay: This includes introducing key figures or concepts, as well as providing dates and locations toplace your topic in a historical context. Do not assume that your reader knows the topic or the sources that you are using. Always fully introduceyour sources, historical figures, and topics. For example, “In the third century BCE, Chinese emperor Qin Shi Huangdi created an army of…”
A thesis statement: A thesis statement is the argument that you will be proving in your paper. For example, do not make general statements suchas, “Qin Shi Huangdi made many changes to China.” A thesis is a very focused argument. A better thesis statement would be, “Qin Shi Huangiestablished a number of social and political reforms that helped to boost his kingdom’s economy. The creation of his terracotta army reflectsthese important changes and the emperor’s success.” You can see that one is much more focused and specific in the points that it will prove in

Question 3

Strategic Information System Planning

Many studies have shown that the IS/IT strategy process needs to become an integral part of the development of business strategy, business plans, and their subsequent implementation. Assess the barriers to and facilitators for creating a successful IS/IT strategy process. Provide suitable examples to support your answers.

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