Australia Post delivers mails to 12.3 million delivery points across Australia

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Case study – Australia Post

Australia Post delivers mails to 12.3 million delivery points across Australia. In 2020, Australia Post recorded its revenue of $7.5 billion and profit before tax of $53.6 million (Australian Post, 2020).

Since 2019, Australia Post has been encountered a big challenge from the COVID-19 pandemic. The organisation need to change its strategy and practice on delivering services. There are a few trends that Australia Post has to consider during the COVID which are as follows:

  • Booming of eCommerce and online shopping
  • Applying contactless services
  • Increasing in online or digital communication

Change management involves extensive consultation with internal and external key stakeholders and can include the development of a wide range of documentation. For example, policy and procedures manuals, communication plan and materials, training plan and materials, reporting plan, development of key performance indicators, and a review plan for ongoing feedback and monitoring to implement continuous improvement (QGCIO, n.d.).

As this change process will be used for future rollouts in post offices across Australia, it is critical that extensive formal monitoring and evaluation be undertaken to identify any changes to the process that may be needed.

Question – Give three examples of strategic change needs for Australia Post (refer to the case study – Australia Post in appendix A).

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