Hi, I need help with RBS design for this question

Hi, I need help with RBS design for this question

Below are some of the requirements(points 1-11). You may add other requirements also and create an RBS design chart for this.

Forever 21 Launch You are Edwardo, the project manager for a project to open Forever 21 in Peterborough. Forever 21 is an American fashion retailer known for its trendy offerings at low pricing. You sell accessories, beauty products, home goods and clothing for women, men and girls. You have found the location and you are currently working on interiors for the new location. Your project coordinator is Sandeep and is responsible for the opening event. You two sit and discuss the following points :

Covid-19 precautions must be taken 
You want the event to be held two nights before the official opening. This is so that you will have time to restock the shelves for the official opening 
The opening will be the following Sept 27 
You want the event to be youthful and trendy 
You discuss maybe you can serve mocktails in the event 
You want music, the atmosphere should be joyous 
You are hoping to get some models to have a fun “fashion show” 
You would like to involve youth from age 14 to 30 
You want to have giveaways 
You want a big social media campaign 
Your budget is $35,000

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