Case Study #1

Case Study #1

Colin Kaepernick, the NFL, and Nike

Please listen to the podcast (the CBC, the Current), research further if needed and then answer questions

1.What happened? Please provide summary.

2.If you were the Brand Manager of Nike, would you use Colin Kaepernick as your Spokesperson? Why or Why not?

3.As a consumer or potential consumer, what is your opinion/perspective of Colin Kaepernick as Spokesperson for Nike? Does it impact your purchasing behaviour?

4.Define the following terms: (i) Social justice (ii) Green washing in Marketing (iii) Ethical Outsourcing (iv) Integrity and Doing the Right Thing

5.How has this choice impacted Nike?

6.How did this impact the Football NFL Super Bowl of 2019? What was the controversy? What happened.

7.Research this whole situation and provide two more items of information that you found interesting.

Complete Answer:

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