Candice wanted to investigate how excited people were about the new

Candice wanted to investigate how excited people were about the new Hocus Pocus movie so she gave them a survey to measure their excitement levels. Which behavioral measure below would make the most sense for her to also collect if she wanted to verify that her survey had criterion validity?

Question 10 options:

whether or not the participants watched the new Hocus Pocus movie
what kinds of snacks participants ate while they watched the movie
a test measuring participants’ memory for the first Hocus Pocus movie
none of these makes sense
When conducting a study- which type of measure is the best to use?

Question 11 options:

multiple types of measures
Pretend you are write journal article that you plan to submit for publication and you decide to copy and paste a sentence from a paper you published last year. You do not cite yourself because it is something you had written before so you don’t need to cite yourself. What is the main issue with this?

Question 12 options:

You should never publish two papers on the same topic
It depends on the journal you are submitting to
This is considered a type of plagiarism(copy)
Nothing- this is the most efficient way to publish
Finley is designing her research study and has to write a debriefing statement to explain to the participants exactly what was involved in the study. Which of the three principles of the Belmont Report made this step necessary in the research process?

Question 13 options:

The Belmont report doesn’t require debriefing
Destiny concluded that her new white noise machine helped her fall asleep last night. She based this conclusion on personal experience, which might have confounds. In this context, a confound means:

Question 14 options:

Another thing might have also occurred last night to help Destiny fall asleep
None of these are accurate
Destiny’s experience left her puzzled or confused
Destiny has not compared last night with times she didn’t use the white noise machine

Complete Answer:

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