Assign the Last host IP address from Network Z subnet to S0/1/1 interface of Ri

Assign the Last host IP address from Network Z subnet to S0/1/1 interface of Ri.
(iii) Objects: Electronic health records (EHRs) in a nationwide service. Policy: The owner (patient) may read from its own EHR. A qualified and employed doctor may read and write the EHR of a patient registered with him/her. (iv) Object: The solution to online coursework. Policy: The coursework setter has read and access. A candidate has no access until after the marks have been published. [8 marks each] 4 CST.2004.13.5 5 Computer Graphics and Image Processing 7 [TURN OVER CST.2004.13.8 8 Databases (a) Define the operators of the core relational algebra. [5 marks] (b) Let R be a relation with schema (A1, . . . , An, B1, . . . , Bm) and S be a relation with schema (B1, . . . , Bm). The quotient of R and S, written R ÷ S, is the set of tuples t over attributes (A1, . . . , An) such that for every tuple s in S, the tuple ts (i.e. the concatenation of tuples t and s) is a member of R. Define the quotient operator using the operators of the core relational algebra. [8 marks] (c) The core relational algebra can be extended with a duplicate elimination operator, and a grouping operator. Describe the tasks that should be carried in implementing a front end for this language and any difficulties that might be encountered. [5 marks] (b) Suppose that the target virtual machine is stack-oriented and that the stack elements are integer values, and addresses can be stored as integers. Explain which other features are required in such a virtual machine. Invent a simple language of instructions for such a machine and show how it would be used to implement each of the expressions. [10 marks] (c) Suppose that the following rules are proposed as possible optimizations to be implemented in your compiler. expression simplifies to expression (fst e, snd e) → e fst (e1, e2) → e1 snd (e1, e2) → e2 Describe how you could implement these rules so that the simplifications are made only when the program’s semantics is correctly preserved. [5 marks] Explain why display devices appear to be able to reproduce (almost) all the colours of the spectrum using only red, green and blue light. [4 marks] (b) Describe an algorithm (other than thresholding) which will convert a greyscale image (8 bits per pixel) to a bi-level black and white image (1 bit per pixel), with the same number of pixels, while retaining as much detail as possible. [8 marks] (c) Explain what specular and diffuse reflection are in the real world. State and explain equations for calculating approximations to both in a computer. [8 marks] Give a function run2diff which can be applied to your answer to part (c)(i). When so applied it should give a value in the IO monad which corresponds to ML code that runs add1 twice and returns the difference between the values read. [4 marks] (d) State what happens when attempting to compile and execute the following Java fragment (explaining the origin of any error messages or exceptions which might arise). Object n = new Integer(42), o = new String(“Whoops”); Object [] v; Integer [] w = pos([H|T],[H|R]) :- H >= 0, pos(T,R). pos([H|T],R) :- H < 0, pos(T,R). 8 CST.2016.3.9 8 Software Engineering Discuss the contribution and the relative value of the following aspects of the modern development environment. For each task, add a list of any tasks to complete beforehand: this is the task's dependencies. Step 5: Complete the solution template found in the Resources to plan the sprints to finish the prototype. You'll be assigning each task you've created to a specific developer and sprint. Plan any tasks with dependencies after the tasks they're dependent on.

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