A qualified and employed doctor may read and write the EHR of a patient registered with him/her. By analogy

A qualified and employed doctor may read and write the EHR of a patient registered with him/her. By analogy with statically scoped variables, or otherwise, explain how such exceptions might be implemented on a stack. [11 marks] 7 CST.2004.13.7 8 Artificial Intelligence In the following, N is a feedforward neural network architecture taking a vector x T = ( x1 x2 · · · xn ) of n inputs. (iii) Object: The solution to online coursework. Policy: The coursework setter has read and access. A candidate has no access until after the marks have been published. [8 marks each] 4 CST.2001.14.4 11 Computer Graphics and Image Processing (iv) Explain why display devices appear to be able to reproduce (almost) all the colours of the spectrum using only red, green and blue light. Once you understand the workings of the next and mean member functions, you can look at the complete specification of the statistician class, which is in the file stats.h. Notice that the statistician class in this file is part of a namespace called main_savitch_2C. You should use this namespace for your statistician. In this file you will find a precondition/postcondition contract for all the statistician’s member functions, including:
Part 1 (0%)This workshop consists of two modules: – Enclose all your source code within the sdds namespace and include the necessary guards in each header file.
Do not modify this module! predicts cardiovascular disease (CVD) events (myocardial infarction, stroke, or cardiovascular death) among patients with a CVD history.
Initialize a data frame called PATIENT1 with the patient information about a 65 year old female with diabetes, who is a current smoker with a systolic blood pressure of 160 mmHg, with a history of peripheral artery disease but no other cardiovascular event history, who was initially diagnosed 12 years ago. This patient has 2 mmol/L HDL and 4 mmol/L total cholesterol, an eGFR of 100 mL/min/1.73m², and a log(hs-CRP) of 1. Hint: The patient information should be initialized in the order that will be used in the SMARTRISK function that you created. Make a function called SMARTRISK that uses a data frame of inputs (called Data) of the SMART model (formula below) and produces the 10-year SMART CVD event risk. For the purpose of creating this function, use the following variable names within the data frame:
Age CAD HDL Male CVD TCHOLSmoker AAA eGFRSystolic PAD loghsCRPDiabetic Yrs Write brief notes on functions as values and results in ML, illustrated with the help of the functionals map and exists. Using a single command, what is the difference in risk between the aforementioned 2 patients? Provide the code and risk difference.
Make a function called logSMART that uses the SMARTRISK function in a nested way and calculates the log-risk for PATIENT1. Provide the code and log-risk.
Make a third function, called ratioSMART, which uses the SMARTRISK and logSMART in a nested way and calculates the ratio of the log-risk to risk for the aforementioned male patient. Provide the code and solution. Look at the code and make sure you understand it.TennisLog Module – The TennisLog module will contain two struct/classes:
TennisMatch: contains data about a single match between two players, TennisLog: manages a collection of matches
A TennisMatch is defined with a struct containing the following attributes: 3 [TURN OVER CST.2001.14.4 11 5 Operating Systems II (v) What problem do real-time scheduling algorithms try to solve. In each case, would you discard this feature if your employer let you, or insist on retaining it (even covertly) should your employer not value it? Explain your reasons.

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