Reply to this post, giving the advantages of Virginia Henderson’s Theory of nursing

Reply to this post, giving the advantages of Virginia Henderson’s Theory of nursing.

Henderson’s theory emphasizes the importance of increasing the patient’s independence so that progress after hospitalization would not be delayed. Her emphasis on basic human needs as the central focus of nursing practice has led to further theory development regarding the needs of the patient and how nursing can assist in meeting those needs (Ahtisham, Y., & Jacoline, S, 2015).

Henderson identifies three major assumptions in her model of nursing. The first is that “nurses care for a patient until a patient can care for him or herself,” though it is not stated explicitly. The second assumption states that nurses are willing to serve and that “nurses will devote themselves to the patient day and night.” Finally, the third assumption is that nurses should be educated at the college level in both sciences and arts. According to Henderson, individuals have basic needs that are components of health. They may require assistance to achieve health and independence, or assistance to achieve a peaceful death. For the individual, mind and body are inseparable and interrelated, and the individual considers the biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual components.

Henderson’s theory presents the patient as a sum of parts with biophysical needs rather than as a type of client or consumer. The environment is made up of settings in which an individual learns unique patterns for living. All external conditions and influences that affect life and development. The environment also includes individuals in relation to families. The theory minimally discusses the impact of the community on the individual and family. Basic nursing care involves providing conditions in which the patient can independently perform the fourteen components explained in the model. The theory’s definition of health is based on an individual’s ability to function independently as outlined in the fourteen components. Nurses need to stress the promotion of health and prevention, as well as the curing of diseases. According to Henderson’s model, good health is a challenge because it is affected by so many different factors, such as age, cultural background, emotional balance, and others (Ahtisham, Y., & Jacoline, S, 2015).

Lastly, The American Nursing Association (ANA) describes a nurse as an Independent Practitioner and a scientist who have respect for the individuality of others and prioritize patients’ needs as a whole. The ANA also discusses how evidence based practice should be used and depicted as valid reasonings behind the approach in which the nurses perform their patient care (Ahtisham, Y., & Jacoline, S, 2015).

From Henderson’s concept, a nurse should perform fourteen activities in their nursing role to improve patients’ wellbeing by assisting the patient in performing tasks independently or working together with the patient. These components show a holistic approach to nursing that cover the physiological, psychological, spiritual, and social.

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