Read Chapter 7: “The Influence of Time on Meaning”

Read Chapter 7: “The Influence of Time on Meaning”

Pages 109 through 126

Texbook: Williams, A. (2019). Patient as storyteller: Determinants of health. In (Ed.), Integrating health humanities, social science, and clinical care (pp. 13-26). Routledge.

Answer and write about: Applying and referencing concepts from the assigned chapter seven textbook reading, discuss a patient experience you have had from your own nursing practice. Refer to your selected patient and/or patient family members with first and last initials.


We explore the influence of time when there are changes to mind and/or body. Key content examines the interplay and overlaps of temporality, consciousness, and corporality on an individual’s derivation and interpretation of the meaning of illness.

Reference William, A. L. (2019). Integrating Health Humanities, Social Science, and Clinical Care. Routledge. IBSN 978-1-138-30999-9

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