Patient: 8 year old male.

Patient: 8 year old male.
Mother and son moved from Florida to Ohio but were unable to secure a home and are now living in a homeless shelter. The child has been missing days in school due to frequent accidents (BM) in school. The patient (the child) is admitted to the hospital for Encopresis. An Abdominal x ray was performed and found that there was a moderate amount of stool in the colon. He has a past of encopresis due to anxiety, instability of home, parents separation. An NG tube was placed for the golytely cleanout two days ago. The patient has had several BM since then and is set to be discharged today.

1. List 3 nursing diagnosis (bowel incontinences, knowledge deficit, and risk for powerlessness) fully written out with related to (constipation, Encopresis) and as evidenced by for this patient.

2. list two goals for each of the 3 nursing diagnosis (one short term goal and one long term goal for each)

3. List five nursing intervention for each of the 3 nursing diagnosis.

4. Listen two evaluations for each of the 3 nursing diagnosis, one if the goal was met and the other as if the goal was not met.

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