My current philosophy for driving change in the health care industry would have to be based off of technolog

My current philosophy for driving change in the health care industry would have to be based off of technology. Technology has been a great addition to the health care industry opening so many ways that care can be given and received making method of communication much easier like in The Staff Writers (2022) website “communications systems make it faster for patients to get in touch with their physicians”. Based on how health care was in the year 2000 i am sure we could all say that the health care industry has come a long way in so aspects and I just can’t help but feel that covid-19 pandemic did so much to health care whether it be positive or negative and i feel like the pandemic kind of gave the health care industry a boost like in the The Capone (2022) website “If not for the pandemic, it probably would have taken the healthcare industry another decade to reach where it is today”. An industry change that I believe is priority for the present and the future of the health care industry would have to be Telehealth. Telehealth was a big factor that may have possibly helped to end the covid-19 pandemic like in the article Koonin et al. (2020) “During January-March 2020, most telehealth patients (93%) sought care for conditions other than COVID-19. However, the proportion of COVID-19-related encounters grew (from 5.5% to 16.2%; p<0.05) during the last 3 weeks of March, when an increasing number of visits included mention of COVID-19 in the "reason for visit" field". Staff Writers. (2022). How is Technology Changing Healthcare?. Capone, Anthony (2022). The Future Of Healthcare Technology. Koonin, Lisa, Hoots, Brooke, & Leroy, Zanie (2020, October). Trends in the Use of Telehealth During the Emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic — United States, January-March 2020. centers for disease control and prevention, 69(43), 1595-1599.,patient%20demand%20on%20facilities. What would be a responds to this discussion post? Provide in-text citations from no fewer than 3 scholarly sources to support your perspective on this issue. Provide a complete properly formatted reference list at the end of the post.

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