Hi, I’m finding this essay really confusing


I’m finding this essay really confusing.

Case study:

Mary is 18 years old, and presented to the Emergency Department of her local metropolitan hospital in Brisbane yesterday with her son, James (8 weeks). She was accompanied by her partner, Bill (20 years), who is James’ father. James has a recent history of difficult feeding, spilling, constant crying and general irritability.
Mary and Bill are concerned that James is not getting enough fluid and is becoming dehydrated. The baby is unwell and the young couple share concerns of not coping with their unwell baby and lack of support.

Please watch this video – Family Assessment – paediatric “Baby Brown” https://youtu.be/asY85vAoKd0)

can i please get some help with these question?

2. issue > Lack of confidence with infant settling and feeding’
What is known about the issue/challenge, using evidence from scholarly literature.

3. Plan nursing care – SMART nursing goal

How do i Justify the relevance of the goal to the issue by linking to a family assessment model.

4. Implement nursing care

A) what are two evidence-based nursing interventions for assisting the family to identify family strengths that will help them to achieve this goal.

• B) a recommendation for an existing online resource or appropriate referral for the family for each nursing intervention.

5. Evaluate nursing care

• an evidence-based evaluation for each of the interventions.

how can each intervention be evaluated by the nurse to demonstrate if the nursing care goal has been met?

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