Edwina/ Edward Thomas is an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander person. She / He recently retired from Bunnings

Edwina/ Edward Thomas is an Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander person. She / He recently retired
from Bunnings and is married. They have 3 adult children, and 5 grandchildren, who either live
across Queensland and interstate. Edwina/ Edward lives at home with their partner, the house
was brought 10 years ago, after downsizing their family home. Edwina/ Edward loves to go for
walks with her/his dog a Jack Russell to meet friends at a local coffee shop each morning, although
not lately. Her /His friends take turns on calling or visiting each day. One of their friends who is a
nurse suggested getting a check-up.

Edwina/ Edward has a few medical issues over the past 5 years. She /He tells you that she / he is
on medication for high blood pressure. Edwina/ Edward tells you that she / he is fully vaccinated
and regular sees a General Practitioner (GP/Dr) at PHN Indigenous primary health care service.

Edwina/ Edward has recently 4 weeks ago had a mild illness with a sore throat and flu-like
symptoms. Since the illness Edwina/ Edward tells you she/ he still has a dry cough.

She/ he tells you that they have never smoked. Only drinks social but not since being unwell.
Edwina/ Edward tells you they have only been in hospital for grommets as a child, due to frequent
ear infections. She /He tells you that they did not like hospital as a child because they would not
let her/ him see her / his parents or go home. Edwina/ Edward said they still do not like hospitals
and refuses to go. Preferring to wait for an appointment with the Dr at PHN. She / He wears
glasses for reading but notice needing to use them more at work.

You noticed that Edwina/ Edward was limping when walking into the room. She/ He tells you that
they have discomfort in the lower thigh and behind the knee for 2 days. Edwina/ Edward states
that they may have strained a muscle, although do not remember a specific event for the injury
and has been taking regular Panadol for the pain.

You attend vital signs, height and weight. Temp 37.3; respiratory 20; spo2 95%; pulse 55 regular;
Bp 135/70; Pain score 5/10; Height 168 cm; Weight 75 kgs
1. Select two problems or potential problems from the case study and develop a
person-centred care plan as below.
Assessing Nursing diagnosis Plan Implement Evaluate
2. Select the relevant substandard from NMBA Registered nursing standard for
practice. Discuss how you have met this substandard.

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