Concept Sensory Pharmacology Focus Activity

Concept Sensory Pharmacology Focus Activity
Student Instructions: Please identify your reference and page number (s) for each question.
1. What classification of medications help to treat the following exemplar(s)? Do not list
medications, or it will be counted wrong.
Glaucoma –
Cataracts – Pre-operative agents:
Peripheral artery disease –
2. Briefly describe how the classification helps to treat the exemplar. {Please list each exemplar
with the answer to the statement.}
 For Glaucoma:
 For Cataract: (Pre/Post-op classifications)
 For Peripheral artery disease:
3. What assessment data will the nurse need to review prior to administering the above
classifications? Be specific, correlate the data to the classifications.
Mydriatics –
Ace-inhibitors –
HMG-CoA Reductase inhibitors (Statins) –
4. Identify objective and subjective data (if applicable) that the nurse would document to
determine therapeutic effectiveness of medication. Objective Data is anything you see, hear,
or smell. And Subjective Data is anything the patient or family tells you. For example, if you
give a blood pressure medication, you will document the blood pressure prior to giving the
medication and 1-hour after medication administration.
5. What interventions would the nurse implement if therapeutic effectiveness were not
achieved. (i.e., What would you do, if a patient’s vision was further compromised despite
being administered eye drops). Remember your response must address the question from the
nursing perspective. NO medical interventions should be identified here.

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