Unit 6 Assignment: Working with the unified modeling language (UML)

Unit 6 Assignment: Working with the unified modeling language (UML)

Outcomes addressed in this activity:

Unit Outcomes:

Integrate different modeling techniques for object oriented and procedural programming.
Explain the purpose of a use case in modeling.
Explain the purpose of a class diagram in modeling.
Create a use case.
Create a class diagram.
Course Outcome:

IT213-3: Create plans for programs using an understanding of historical development of programming techniques and appropriate modeling techniques.


The purpose of this assignment is to address the role of UML in object-oriented program design and demonstrate different types of UML diagrams.

Assignment Instructions

Address the first question posed and then create the two diagrams as instructed below.

You can create your diagrams in Visio®, Word or PowerPoint® (using drawing tools in Word or PowerPoint), use online sites like Gliffy.com or draw them out by hand and share photos.

Assignment Requirements

Describe the difference between a use case and a class diagram. What is the purpose of each? What role do they play in object-oriented-programming design specifically?
Create a class diagram that describes an automobile dealership. Your class diagram should include at least 6 classes and show the relationships between the classes.
Refer to this site for additional examples of class diagrams:

UML 2 Class Diagrams: An Agile Introduction

Create a use case that depicts the actors (people and systems) and processes involved in a university system that registers students for classes. Be sure that your use case includes all actors (systems and people) Involved in a university class registration process and show the interactions between actors. At a minimum, you should show the student, the registrar, the online registration system, and accounts receivable.

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