Question 1 a. What is a Backup? [1]

Question 1
a. What is a Backup? [1]
b. Why it is necessary to make a Backup Your Data? [5]
c. How Are Backups Created? [5]
d. Differentiate onsite and offsite backups. [4]
Question 2
List different types of information system and their features. [10]
Question 3
A company has shifted from the manual system to a computerised system. But within a short period
of time the new computerised system failed. What could the common reasons be for is failures and
propose some preventative measures? [10]
Question 4
Identify and explain the unique features of e-commerce technology. [10]
Question 5
Explain the IF STATEMENT in Microsoft excel, with its function, syntax, usage and example with a
screen shot. [5]

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