Prioritize these patients

Prioritize these patients
1. Pt with inflamed ankle w/ wound: Bp 130/85 Hr 80, Bg 225
2. Pt admitted with SOB: Bp 165/75 Hr 95, 4L nc, RR 26, pox 89
3. Pt admitted with AMS: Bp 128/70, RR 24, Hr 75, gait unsteady
4. Pt admitted for being under the weather for several days: T 100.6, WBC 20, Bp
100/55, RR 24, pox 92, HR 102, dm2
5. Pt admitted for fall from Assisted living: broken hip, AMS, VVS, Hgb 6.9
Answer each of these questions for each patient:
Which patient would you see first, second, third etc?
Which patient would you pass meds on first, second, third, etc?
What dx(s) would you expect for each of these patients? (May be multiple)
What relevant labs/imaging (etc) would you want ordered/look at first?
What would you expect to see from each of these patients during your assessment?
What medication(s) would you expect to see on their MAR or not see on the mar?
What would be your focused assessment on each of these patients, pertinent to your
immediate care/their needs?
How often would you re-evaluate these patients?

Complete Answer:

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