Need help understanding how to do these questions off of this material that I am going to post:

Need help understanding how to do these questions off of this material that I am going to post:

Question 1:

I will build a commercial website about a baking company. The term “commercial website” refers to an online presence that is conceived of, developed, and kept updated by a business. The purpose of a commercial website should be used for sales of items, any type of goods, or products that are for sale and available to site visitors. When you are designing a website for your business to use, the prospective clients you are targeting should be your top priority. Having a commercial website is a great way to demonstrate to prospective clients, the business’ products as well as their previous work experiences. The vast majority of commercial websites feature a condensed biography, a list of items and products for sale, as well as a portfolio of previous work. A commercial website is an excellent tool for making a strong first impression on potential clients and is one of the best ways to market a business and its products. Putting together a website that you can use for your business is not a task that is overly difficult. The promotion of the bakery as well as the provision of resources and information to both current and potential clients are the key objectives of this website. People who are thinking about buying items and baked goods make up the target audience for this website. The website will be called “Sweet Reveries”. The following are important components of the site: When one has launched the website on a browser it shows the bakery’s name and homepage. Within the homepage there are links to other webpages. The links are to the about me, menu, testimonies, and contact information. In the section under “About Me”, you will find information about the company and how it was established. In the menu link there is a list of the items that are for sale. The testimonies link has the comments and testimonies of the customers. And in the final link the contact information section is where the business contact and order information are.

Question 2:

• To provide a platform for people to see what the bakery offers and its prices.

• To provide a place where people to find information about various products.

• To create a comfortable and inviting space for customers can connect with company.

• To provide friendly and helpful service to customers.

Question 3: Some elements that could be included on a website to support a general goal are:

• Photos of the bakery, the staff, and the products

• Include a section with customer testimonials .

• Links to different webpages

• Videos of products

Follow Steps 1-9 to complete a plan for developing a website from the material above:

1. Identify the element(s) that you could include on your website that would convey to its audience that the website’s content is current.

2. Identify the connectivity tools you will use to encourage users to share or promote your content, and explain how you will use them.

3. Identify ways you can promote interactivity at your website.

4. Make an appropriate tag line for your website and describe how you will use it in the website’s design.

5. Describe how you plan to use color at your website.

6. Write three paragraphs about your website’s topic in inverted pyramid style. Then rewrite the paragraphs as chunked text.

7. Describe how you plan to use RWD (Responsive Web Design) principles to enhance your website’s usability.

8. List ways you plan to make your website accessible.

Complete Answer:

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