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Module 5: Reflection: Part 1

Review the course outcomes and consider the module objectives. What do you hope to learn during this module of study?

Course Outcomes

CO 1: Analyze the relationships among access, affordability, and availability of services within complex healthcare-delivery systems. (PO 1)
CO 3: Determine strategies to support efficiency and the responsible use of healthcare resources within a caring environment. (PO 2)
CO 4: Develop problem-solution strategies for a selected issues within the healthcare environment. (PO 5)
Module Objectives

Discuss the impact of avoidable use and misuse of resources on healthcare delivery systems. (COs 1, 3)
Propose solutions to promote safety, quality, and efficient use of healthcare resources. (CO 4)

Based on your response to Reflection: Part 1, state one insight that you gained regarding the concepts in this module. Connect learning achieved to a minimum of one course outcome addressed during this module.


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