Maternity Case 6: Ariel Barkley Guided Reflection Questions

Maternity Case 6: Ariel Barkley Guided Reflection Questions

How did the simulated experience of Ariel Barkley’s case make you feel?

Describe the actions you felt went well in this scenario.

Scenario Analysis Questions[1]

EBP Review Ariel Barkley’s prenatal record. Identify the diagnostic tests and serologies that are pertinent to pregnancy and birth.

EBP Evaluate Ariel Barkley’s pregnancy, medical history, and social history to determine key factors that will impact her labor, birth, and postpartum plan of care.

EBP Describe the stages of labor and the anticipated progress associated with each stage.

EBP Identify the process Ariel Barkley’s provider used to determine each stage of labor.

EBP What assessment findings would indicate that Ariel Barkley was in active labor?

PCC Describe the barriers that Ariel Barkley and her support person may encounter that would complicate access to healthcare interventions.

PCC, S, T&C What should be done to obtain informed consent for a minor who is pregnant?

PCC What are the nursing implications related to Ariel Barkley developmental stage?

PCC Describe appropriate strategies to support Ariel Barkley and her family during the labor and birth process.

PCC What is your attitude towards Ariel Barkley’s status as a teenage parent? How might attitude or preconceived notions about teenage pregnancy affect the care you provide Ariel Barkley and her support person?

PCC What teaching needs to be given to Ariel Barkley and her support person other on the labor and birth process?

PCC What communication techniques are important to best support Ariel Barkley and her support person? How do these techniques change as her labor progresses?

PCC Identify the possible pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic interventions for Ariel Barkley’s labor pain management.

EBP Explain the gate control theory of pain and how this applies to the labor pain management interventions you provided to Ariel Barkley.

EBP Describe the reason for maintaining fetal well-being during labor and how to do so.

EBP Identify and describe the medication used prophylactically at birth to prevent excessive postpartum bleeding by helping the uterus to contract.

EBP Identify medications that are administered to the newborn during the immediate birth recovery period.

EBP Identify signs that a newborn is experiencing a positive adaptation to extrauterine life.

EBP What are the priority assessments that need to be conducted on the newborn immediately following birth?

EBP, T&C, S Why is it essential to have at least two individuals certified in neonatal resuscitation present at every birth?

EBP Describe each component of the Apgar score assessment.

PCC Identify factors in the immediate newborn period that will promote maternal newborn bonding.

T&C, S, PCC Describe the importance of obtaining a social work consult in Ariel Barkley’s case.

Concluding Questions

Reflecting on Ariel Barkley’s case, were there any actions you would do differently? If yes, what were those actions, and why would you do them differently?

Describe how you would apply the knowledge and skills you obtained in Ariel Barkley’s case to an actual patient care situation.

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