Discussion TopicThis week we are learning about the power system and troubleshooting. Here is the scenario

Discussion TopicThis week we are learning about the power system and troubleshooting. Here is the scenario:

Just about anything that happens in Windows is recorded in Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc). You can find information about events such as a hardware or network failure, OS error messages, or a device that has failed to start. When you first encounter a Windows, hardware, application, or security problem, get in the habit of checking Event Viewer as one of your first steps toward investigating the problem. To save time, first check the Administrative Events log because it filters out all events except Warning and Error events, which are the most useful for troubleshooting. Then start looking in the other logs if you can’t find an event you know happened. Do the following to practice using Event Viewer:


Enter eventvwr.msc in the Windows search box or in a command prompt window. Event Viewer opens. Drill down into the Custom Views list in the left pane, and click Administrative Events. Scroll through the list of Error or Warning events, and list any that indicate a possible hardware problem. What is the first event in the list?


Disconnect the network cable.


In the Event Viewer menu bar, click Action and Refresh to refresh the list of events. How many new events do you see? Click each new event to see its details below the list of events until you find the event that tells you the network cable was unplugged.

Describe the details of the event about the network cable.

Use Event Viewer to find logs that can help you troubleshoot hardware problems


Sign out of Windows. Then try logging in with a wrong password. Once it fails, login with your correct password and go to the Event Viewer again. Find your failed login under Windows logs > Security. If there were too many failed logins, what could this indicate?

answer the questions and prompts in the discussion board and provide screenshots of what you see in event viewer on your machine.

Reply with well thought out responses for each question above. step 1 to step 4.

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