1. Anh is the district manager of a rental car company with three locations in his district. One of his daily decisions is to determine the distribution

1. Anh is the district manager of a rental car company with three locations in his district. One of his daily decisions is to determine the distribution of cars at each location. Many things can influence the demand for cars at each location, including holidays, conferences and conventions, and even fuel prices. Anh tends to make this decision by calling subordinates at each location to get their suggestions, then making a decision that may or may not reflect their influence. Using the levels of participation in decision-making proposed by Vroom, Yetton and Jago, which of the following best describes what Anh is doing?




c.Consult group

d.Consult individually


2. Wen’s catering company started a line of takeaway meals several years ago. She is now allocating her advertising budget for the current year based on past years’ experience. What kind of decision is this?













3. Moderate levels of conflict tend to:


a.have little or no effect on performance.



b.have a negative effect on performance.



c.have a positive effect on performance.



d.improve work-flow interdependency.


4. Zoe is a research officer who prefers high power distance and formal communication channels. Carl often makes suggestions about the projects during morning and afternoon tea, which Zoe generally ignores. Zoe’s response to Carl is an example of which barrier to effective communication?


a.Information overload


b.Perceptual bias

c.Message incongruence


d.Role overload


5. Which of the following statements best describes collaboration as a conflict handling style?


a.It leads to a lose-lose outcome



b.It is always the best conflict handling style



c.It requires trust and time to implement



d.It reflects low concern for own interests


6. Which of the following is NOT a category of work-related stressors?













7. Being able to take the perspective of another person and imagine that person’s feelings is referred to as





b.Role congruity








8. You are the manager of a small retail store. You have an employee who is not doing a very good job; he’s frequently late and his work is rather sloppy. You’d like to replace him, but this is the peak of your retail season, and it would be impossible to recruit, hire and train someone new at this time or to do without him. You decide not to confront him about his behaviour. Your reaction is best described as: _____.














9. Effective communication occurs when:


a.the receiver does as the sender says.



b.the intended meaning of the source is the same as the perceived meaning of the receiver.



c.the sender is clear and articulate.



d.the receiver provides feedback to the sender.


10. The ability to know or recognise quickly and readily the possibilities of a given situation is called:












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