The internet is the most important innovation of the late 20th century – Structure of an Argumentative Synthesis Essay

The internet is the most important innovation of the late 20th century. (At least 4 articles )

Structure of an Argumentative Synthesis Essay

Introduction – Include a hook, an introduction to resources as well as an introduction to the topic, and a debatable thesis statement that includes a possible solution.


  • Summary of each source including the author and their credentials, title, and publication information.
  • A summary of the main ideas of each source.
  • An explanation of similarities and differences between the sources.
    • Consider if the author’s credentials are similar or different.
      • Should provide the context/background for your argument and to synthesize the sources include the following components:
        • The occasion – Are the sources similar in occasion and relevancy?
        • The topic- Are they discussing the same topic?
        • The purpose- Is the purpose the same or different? Is one more effective?
        • What is the argument? Are the conclusions the same, different, or close?
        • What type of examples did they use?
        • What are the solutions? Same or different?

Body Paragraphs – An argumentative section(s) includes supportive body paragraphs, a topic sentence(s), and appropriate integration of the evidence properly cited.


  • Use accurate and appropriate textual evidence to support your argument.
  • Choose appropriate quotes and paraphrased material to support your argument and do not simply restate other people’s opinions or ideas.
  • Use evidence that does not support your argument to provide a counterclaim.
  • Provide the audience with either a refutation (contradiction) or concession (compromise) for each counterargument (claim) presented.
  • Use appropriate, formal, and non-inflammatory language that does not immediately isolate others who do not agree with you.
  • Use rhetorical strategies successfully, as well as (ethos, pathos, and logos) to convince your audience.


  • You must also present the objections of the other side (the counterargument) and your response (rebuttal or acceptance of validity) to them.
  • Include a clear explanation of opposing opinions and either a refutation (disproves completely) or concession (concedes to a point).
  • Whatever position you take on the issue, you must refer to all articles.

Conclusion – Sum up the main ideas and restates your thesis and offer a call-to-action (words that urge you to take action) for the audience.

Works Cited page- Includes all referenced materials.

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