Evaluate job tasks performed by two distinct coding positions applying two methods of job analysis

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Evaluate job tasks performed by two distinct coding positions applying two methods of job analysis.

Research current literature for an appropriate job title for a new, combined coding position or job description.

Discuss the following case study and answer the questions posed within the scenario by tell us what contains a comprehensive new job title, identifies two job analysis tools, and explains how the tools will assist in development of a new job description for the new job title.


Consider the position of coding specialist at University Hospital, which currently is comprised of two distinct coding positions or job descriptions inpatient coding specialist and outpatient coding specialist. As the coding supervisor, you have been asked to conduct a job analysis that will be used to determine the need to make one coding position with a new job title. In other words, the two current coding positions will be combined into one position and the job role will have a completely new name.

Research a job title reflective of today’s coding market. All coders will perform inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room coding.

Have fun! Select two methods of job analysis to collect primary and secondary data on this proposed new position. For each method, explain why the method was selected and describe how the methods will be applied to analyze the coding positions. The purpose of this assignment is not to make an entirely new job description but rather outline the new job title and the methods used to perform an analysis on the job tasks performed in a combined position. Please provide references to support your response.

  • The duties for each job description will be combined into a single job description.
  • The title will reflect the job role and position within the HIM department.
  • Job analysis tools will be assessed for appropriateness.

New (combined) job title and two paragraphs describing why this title was selected.

Selection of two job analysis tools and an explanation of how these tools will be used to collect information to assess the combination of the job tasks.

Please share 4 references.

Answer Guide

New Combined Job Title: Healthcare Coding Integration Specialist

The selected new job title, “Healthcare Coding Integration Specialist,” reflects the evolving nature of coding roles in today’s healthcare industry. With the increasing integration of healthcare services and technologies, the need for coding specialists who can handle diverse coding tasks across inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room settings has become more crucial. This new title not only captures the comprehensive coding responsibilities but also emphasizes the specialist’s role in integrating coding practices seamlessly across different care settings. As healthcare systems strive for efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in coding, this title underscores the importance of a unified approach in medical coding, aligning with the modern healthcare landscape.

Selection of Job Analysis Tools

  1. Structured Interviews: Structured interviews involve predefined questions and a standardized format, making them suitable for collecting detailed information about job tasks and responsibilities. In this case, conducting structured interviews with current inpatient and outpatient coding specialists will provide insights into their existing roles, responsibilities, and challenges. These interviews will help uncover the specifics of their tasks, the knowledge and skills required, and the extent of overlap between the two roles. By including questions about emergency room coding, we can gather data on the commonalities and differences in coding practices across care settings.
  2. Task Analysis: Task analysis involves breaking down jobs into individual tasks and examining their components. For the proposed Healthcare Coding Integration Specialist position, task analysis will be conducted to identify the key tasks involved in inpatient, outpatient, and emergency room coding. This method will help highlight the similarities and differences between the tasks performed in each setting, enabling the development of a comprehensive and integrated job description. Task analysis will involve observing coders in different settings, documenting their activities, and categorizing tasks based on their complexity, frequency, and importance.

Application of Job Analysis Tools:

  1. Structured Interviews: The structured interviews will be conducted with current inpatient and outpatient coding specialists. The interviews will include questions about their daily tasks, coding procedures, software usage, communication with healthcare providers, and challenges faced. The goal is to identify the core competencies required for successful coding across all settings. This data will then be compared to uncover overlaps and variations in coding practices.
  2. Task Analysis: For task analysis, coders across all settings will be observed performing their tasks. The observations will be supplemented by discussions with the coders to clarify any nuances in their tasks. The identified tasks will be categorized based on their nature, such as coding diagnosis, procedure, and treatment codes, communicating with medical staff, and ensuring compliance with coding guidelines. This analysis will help create a comprehensive list of tasks that will form the basis of the new job description.


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