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Find one current health policy issue availability of the covid 19 vaccine

Select something you feel strongly about, as you will defend your selection in a debate .

    • Why it is so important currently in the United States?
    • What is the major policy issue? Not just whether it addresses access, cost, or quality, but describe the policy itself. For example, “The major policy issue was whether or not advocacy groups should be required to disclose all sources of financial support.”
    • How does this issue impact spending in public and private health insurance programs, job-based health insurance benefits, and health plan performance?
    • Who are the major stakeholders (interested parties)?
    • Why this is an important issue (in general for you specifically)?

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Health Policy Issue


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The healthcare system in the United States has been confronted with a historically significant problem, and it has responded to this task with heroism on the part of its physicians, support personnel, supply chain, payers, and government at all levels. However, not all aspects of this system have been successful, and as a result, a number of experiments and inventions have arisen on their own to satisfy the requirements of patients. As soon as the pandemic enters a stage where it is managed like a chronic condition, steps will be taken to explain the roles that the federal government, state governments, and local governments play.

However, alterations may also be necessary to other health policies. In response to the crisis, innovative leaders in the healthcare industry have developed new approaches to the delivery of care. Some of these new approaches have been successful, and if they continue to be effective, new health policies may one day accept them as the industry standard. These include alterations to the roles that public health agencies and the commercial sector play in testing, the healthcare supply chain, innovations in payment, and creative uses of the workforce in the healthcare industry.

The Struggle Faced in Testing Regarding Public Health

The healthcare system in the United States has a long history of consistently focusing on increasing the level of clinical quality. It is essential that clinical diagnostic tools and treatments be shown to be effective. This is one of the main characteristics. As a consequence, the process of integrating newly developed technology into clinical practice has become not only sophisticated but also complex and time consuming.

The dissemination of the COVID-19 testing program included a graphic display of this issue for everyone to see. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are the ones in charge of the primary testing that is done to look for new possible epidemics. Replication is done by state and local public health laboratories.

Testing at the national level was put back by three weeks because of problems that occurred in the preliminary test kits that were distributed to state and municipal labs. In addition, the rapid clinical onset of COVID-19 and the approval process that was required by the Food and Drug Administration slowed the development of rapid testing capabilities by academic, hospital-based, and commercial laboratories. These capabilities were intended to support clinical care as well as broader public health surveillance and contact tracing.


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