Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems

Read Case Study 14-23 “Ian’s Place” (The REA Model and E-R Diagrams) on page 457 in Core Concepts of Accounting Information Systems.

Write a 45- to 175-word response to question 1.

Complete the items identified for questions 2 and 3.

NOTE: For question 2 (E-R Diagram), use Figure 14-9 (page 446) in the textbook as a guide but with the information from the case. For question 3 (Database Tables), you can use Figure 14-10 (page 446) and Figure 14-12 (page 448) as a guide. NOTE: Be sure that the REA Model described in question 1, the E-R Diagram, and the Database Tables all include the same items for the Resources, Events, and Agents. Remember that the E-R Diagram has the resources on the left, the events in the middle, and the agents on the right. Each table is a separate database so needs to contain all the pertinent information that would be required to use the database. Microsoft Word is the preferred software to use in creating the diagrams since it has all the shapes and lines needed.

NOTE: The diagram and database tables need to be your own work, not copied from the Internet or other source. The purpose of the assignment is for you to learn how to create diagrams and database tables using Microsoft Word on the computer so no manual (handwritten) diagrams accepted. The textbook gives examples (as stated above) so you have a guide in creating your own.

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