You are assigned a criminal mind project.

You are assigned a criminal mind project. This assignment is about focusing on an infamous person ( Patrick Sherrill ) with a mental disorder. You must identify and present significance in the following areas: childhood, late adolescent/ early twenties, family influence, diagnosis/treatment (including meds if prescribed), substance abuse/alcohol, the infamous act/traumatic event, incarceration, death, where they are now and what are the circumstances. Explain how all of the events are tied together and most importantly how could healthcare personnel/teachers (You or I) intervened in the child’s life to prevent this happening? What signs of Serial Killers do you see?

1. Identify and present significance of: (Use these headings)

A. childhood (2pts)

B.  Late-adolescence (2)

C.  Early 20’s (2)

D. Family Influence (2)


2. Diagnosis/treatment (Meds if prescribed) (2)


3Substance Abuse/ alcohol involved? (2)


4. The Infamous Act/ Traumatic event/ Crime (2)


5Incarceration/ Jail (2)


6. Death or current circumstances (2)


7. How are all the above events tied together? (2)


8.  How do the effects of an underlying (often untreated) Mental Illness contribute to a Human Being’s demise? (2)


9. What characteristics of a serial Killer do you see in your criminal? List these here.

(Antisocial behavior, Arson, Torturing small animals, Poor family life, Childhood Abuse, Substance abuse, Voyeurism, Intelligence [hi or low], Shiftlessness).  (2)


10. Where could health care personnel/teachers have intervened in this child’s life to prevent this tragedy? Paragraph of Your opinion.  (2)

Complete Answer:

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