Intro to Cybersecurity (BOR-3307) Discussion 4

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A robust posting of 250-300 words is expected in your initial discussion thread. 1). What are the reasons that VPN technology has become the dominant method for remote workers to connect to the organizational network? 2). A recent topic of interest in the industry is the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). Many vendors have created enhancements to IDS systems to make them into IPSs or IDPSs. Look into current developments in this area and discuss them with your class. 3). The legal issues surrounding active defense (see “Trap and Trace Systems”) are constantly evolving. After doing some independent research, discuss what you would see as pros and cons if the U.S. were to pass a law that allowed private industry or citizens to engage in trap and trace or “back-hacking” as a result of being attacked. Cite at least one external source you used to form your opinion.

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