Week 9 Discussion Forum

Discussion Forum Week Nine:

As we discuss the Lymphatic System this week. I would like you to discuss how this system comes into contact and applies to the embalmer. What will you be faced with as pertains to the lymphatic system? 

Students: Please answer the question first and then respond to one of your fellow classmates with a substantive response.

“Substantive” means responding with one or more complete sentences that engages content. Simply responding with something like “Welcome!”, “Good to meet you!”, “What a nice day!” or “Look, a squirrel!” would not be acceptable responses.

Initial Post: 250 words
Follow-up Post: 150 words


The lymphatic system works alongside the vascular system in the body, which makes it a vital part of setting a plan of action for embalming. The lymphatic system brings excess fluids from the body back to the circulatory system through the veins. One condition that affects the lymphatic system, called edema, is caused when the capillaries leak fluid. Fluid retention in the body can then cause swelling of the extremities and even the organs. Edema may be caused by conditions affecting the kidneys and heart. When an embalmer is dealing with a large amount of edema in a body, it’s important to calculate the correct index of embalming fluid you is using, and be careful not to use a humectant because it will have the opposite effect of what you are trying to combat. You would not want to add more moisture which would cause even more swelling. Edema would also require more aspiration to remove the extra fluids from the organs.

Restorative Art I

Week 9 Discussion Forum

Restoration to an acceptable appearance is one of the cornerstones of both embalming and restorative art. Please answer the following prompts:

  1. When looking at photographs, please discuss the difference between highlights and shadows.  Why is this important in the funeral profession, as it relates to laying out the deceased for viewing?
  2. What facial feature(s) are highlights?
  3. Which facial feature(s) may create shadows?
  4. What do you think the ramifications are if families are unimpressed or downright dissatisfied with the appearances of their loved ones? How do you think you will need to respond as an owner/manager to resolve/improve the situation?

You are not required to respond to a classmate’s post this week, but if you can share additional helpful information, please do so.

Embalming I & Clinical Experience

Embalming I Review Chapter 5 Postmortem Physical Changes

Discuss the Somatic death process.  Go through the series of steps involved in somatic death.  Describe the physical changes that occur both during the agonal period and the postmortem period.  What is Hypostasis?  What is Death rattle and hypostasis?

Submit the completed assignment as a Word Document in Moodle.


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