Problem on Torts and Damages Law

Task Requirements 5:

  • Word Count: 300-400
  • Formatting Style: MLA (for more information click here)
  • Any sources must be properly cited according to the formatting style assigned

Task 1 (Law and International Law)

Order Instructions 

Answer the given problem on Torts and Damages Law (United States) using the IRAC form.


Anne was driving her car on the way from New York City to New Jersey in order to meet her sister who lives there. As she was driving on the high way, she glimpsed the sign which indicated that the speed limit was 55 mph. Already running late for the time agreed upon, Anne shrugged and decided to step on the gas pedal, going at 80 mph, way beyond the limit. Unfortunately, as she was driving fast, Anne failed to immediately stop when a child suddenly ran across the street. The child died immediately after being hit by Anne’s car. Is Anne liable for damages under Torts Law?


Complete Answer:

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