Doing Business in Turkey

This paper will discuss in detail the unique cultural, political, economic, and legal aspects of doing business in Turkey. Format your paper according to these topics. In other words, your paper should have the following four sections:

  • A brief general introduction about the country including a little bit about its geography and history
  • Cultural Aspects
    • Include information such as type of culture (high vs. low context culture), dress codes, religion, food/dining, greeting, how to hold meetings, gift giving, etc.
  • Political Aspects
    • Include information about the type of government, i.e. democracy, presidential or parliamentary systems, political unrest, safety, etc.
  • Economic Aspects
    • Report about the country’s major economic indicators, such as GDP and GPD per capita, unemployment rate, major imports/experts, currency fluctuation, recent up/downturns, currency exchange rate, risk, and fluctuation (include a graph), etc.
  • Legal Aspects
    • Describe the legal system in terms of foreign direct investment regulations, other legal barriers, such as import quotas and other trade restrictions, what products are difficult to import, how much bureaucracy is involved in setting up a business in that country, etc.
    • Include information about ethical standards and corruption ratings.

Make sure to have a heading for each section as in the bullets above, and subheadings as necessary.

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