Political Globalization

Can Political Globalization Increase Global Peace and Security?

“A peaceful world requires [political globalization:] collective measures for the prevention of war, international cooperation to solve economic and social problems, and respect for universal human rights.” Former Prime Minister of Sweden, Goran Persson

Liberalist/liberal internationalist* and realist theoretical approaches to international politics have different explanations for the causes of war and insecurity in the world and the conditions needed for peace and security. Proponents of liberalism argue processes of political globalization create a more cooperative international environment and peaceful, secure world. Realists counter that international politics is still based on the sovereignty and self-interest of states and the constant struggle for power, rendering the prospects for political globalization and peace through mutual cooperation unlikely (Maclean and Wood, 2010, p. 323). Can political globalization, informed by the international politics approach of liberalism, increase global peace and security? Why or why not? After investigating the relationship between political globalization and global peace and security, create an argument to answer this question. Identify and explore at least three reasons for your answer/argument .

  1. Required Readings on Political Globalization

Maclean, G. and Wood, D. (2010). “International Politics and Foreign Policy.” In Politics: An Introduction (1st ed.) (pp. 284-293). Oxford: OUP.

Steger, M. B. (2017). “Chapter 4: The Political Dimension of Globalization.” In Globalization: A Very Short Introduction (4th ed.) (pp. 62-79). Oxford: OUP.

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