Matt is the Project Manager

Matt is the project manager on an urban pet shelter construction project. For 12 months, he will build two cat shelters a month. It is expected that each pet shelter would cost RM100. It is expected that the project would run for 12 months. It is at the beginning of month 10. 20 pet shelters have been constructed by Matt and his CPI is 0.9091.

Refer to the scenario above to answer the following question(s)

a. How is the project being carried out? Explain.

b. Right now, what is the real cost of the project?

c. What is the estimate of the project at completion if the variance recorded so far were to stop?

d. Determine and explain the project’s TCPI using the project’s budget at completion

e. Calculate the percentage of the project that is completed.

f. A proposal for a project often includes a cost section. Using the above scenario list and describe any TWO (2) the items that should be included in the section

g. What is the secret to cash flow management? How can this purpose be achieved?

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