Locate and select a peer-reviewed article

Locate and select a peer-reviewed article (between 2015 and 2021; emphasis on current research here) on one of the following subject matters or another related to our course topics: child sexual abuse, wife abuse, marital violence or rape, elderly abuse, same-sex abuse, or current interventions available to rehabilitate the abuser.

Carefully read, critically analyze, and accurately summarize the article. It is necessary that you cite the author(s) of the article selected in your paper, so I know whose writing you are referencing. Please include the article in your email attachment as a reference for me. Consider the following questions when writing your paper on your 1 selected article: what type of article is it (i.e. research, theoretical, literature review, etc);

what is the objective of the article;

does the writer offer information that is building on previous knowledge or is new material offered and questioned; and what do you identify as the article’s strengths and limitations separate from what the writer may have identified.

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