Four Types of Physical Examination Techniques 

1. Discuss comprehensively the four types of physical examination techniques 

2.    Converse the Nurse’s role in health assessment, in collecting and analyzing data to help formulate a nursing diagnosis and plan of care.

Documentation of the complete head-to-toe physical assessment.

Additional Assignment

Purpose of Assignment:

To demonstrate the ability to document the findings of an objective head-to-toe assessment and identify abnormal findings.

 Course Competency:

Demonstrate physical examination skills of the skin, hair, nails, and musculoskeletal system.

Prioritize appropriate assessment techniques for the gastrointestinal, breasts, and genitourinary systems.

Demonstrate physical examination skills of the head, ears, and eyes, nose, mouth, neck, and regional lymphatics.

Apply assessment techniques for the neurological and respiratory systems.

Select appropriate physical examination skills for the cardiovascular and peripheral vascular systems.

Complete Answer:

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