A nurse is Reinforcing Teaching with a Client

1. nurse is caring for a school-age child who has sickle-cell anemia

and is experiencing a vaso-occlusive crisis. Which of the following actions should the nurse take? A. Place the child on bed rest. B. Decrease the child’s oral fluid intake. C. Administer meperidine to the child. D. Apply cold compresses to the child’s joints.

2. A charge nurse is reinforcing teaching with a newly hired licensed practical nurse about scope of practice. Which of the following responsibilities should the nurse include in the teaching?a. Coordinating care b. Providing direct client care c. Assessing a client’s health status d. Providing a client with discharge instructions.

3. A nurse Is planning care for a client who has anorexia nervosa and is admitted to an inpatient eating disorder unit. Which of the following is an appropriate intervention? a.  Use systematic desensitization to address the client’s fears regarding weight gain b.  Allow the client to select meal times  c. Initiate a relationship built on trust with the client d.  Negotiate with the client the opportunity to reweigh.

4. A nurse is admitting a client who is scheduled for an elective surgery. Which of the following actions should the nurse take to verify the status of the client’s advance directives? A) Ask the client whether they have advance directives. B) Refer to the client’s identification card for the advance directives status. C)Verify the client’s advance directives with their health care surrogate. D) Check for a written do not resuscitate prescription in the client’s medical record .

5. A nurse is reinforcing discharge teaching with a client who has type 1 diabetes mellitus. Which of the following client statements indicates an understanding of the teaching? A)”I will dispose of insulin needles in a puncture-proof container.”. B) I will store opened insulin vials in my refrigerator.” C) I will shake the insulin vial before drawing it into the syringe.” D) I will expect my regular insulin to appear cloudy.

6. A nurse is contributing to the plan of care for a newborn who is experiencing heroin withdrawal. The nurse should anticipate a prescription for which of the following medications?A) Methadone b) Meperidine c) Hydromorphone d) Fentanyl.

7. A nurse is reinforcing teaching with a client who was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus and requires insulin injections. Which of the following client statements indicates an understanding of the teaching? A) should dispose of my used syringes in the household trash.”B ) I will store my current bottle of insulin in the refrigerator.”c) “I will hold the needle at a 15° angle to my skin.” D) I should use an injection site that is 1 inch from the previous site.”

8. A nurse is collecting data from a newly admitted client. Which of the following questions should the nurse ask to assess the client’s abstract thinking ability? A) “Who is the current President of the United States?” B ) What does the phrase ‘butterflies in my stomach’ mean?” “C ) Can you count backward from 20 to 1?” D) Can you draw a clock that shows the hands at 4:30?”.

9. A nurse is collecting health history data from a client who has hemorrhoids. Which of the following findings should the nurse expect?A) Chronic constipation b)Excessive dflatulence c) Frequent stools d) Fecal incontinence.

10. Which of the following client assignments should the nurse identify as being outside the scope of practice for an LPN? A) A client who has a new onset of chest pain B) A client who has a tracheostomy C)A client who is receiving enteral feedings d)A client who has urinary retention.

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