Positive psychology within the context of clinical therapy

This week we are introduced to the application of positive psychology within the context of clinical therapy. For our Week 6 discussion, using the articles and videos from the Week 6 Learning Resources, choose one of the topics that you find of personal interest.

a) Tell us how/why you find this topic to be an interesting topic for our class.

b) Select two points made by this week’s authors or video presenters that really stood out and stimulates your interest in your selected topic.

c) Find and share with us, one new resource that provides new insights into your selected topic. The new resource can be of any form you choose (empirical research, online video, brochure, etc.). To share your find with us, provide a working link to the resource, and tell us what is great about it and how it adds to the week’s lessons.

Duckworth, A. L., Steen, T. A., & Seligman, M. E. (2005). Positive psychology in clinical practice. Annual review of clinical psychology1(1), 629-651.

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