ANA’s Statement on workplace violence for nurse

Step 1: Review the ANA’s Statement on workplace violence for nurses Download ANA’s Statement on workplace violence for nurses

  • As well as the ANA webpage on workplace violence.
    • Note the different types of workplace violence and the variation in state level legislation regarding this topic.

Step 2: Research your Pennsylvania state laws regarding nurse assault

Step 3: Address the following questions in a forum prompt:

  • What are the main ideas of the ANA regarding nurses and workplace violence?
  • Identify your state and describe your state’s laws regarding nurse assault.
  • Is there a legal penalty in your state for assaulting a nurse? What is that penalty?
  • Explain why that penalty is a good preventative measure or why it is not. Provide details to substantiate your stance on the penalty.
  • Reflect upon your workplace experience.
    • How does the nurse’s role includes practices that help to ensure a secure workplace?
    • What security interventions are in place to protect you and your patients?
    • What additional interventions might be enacted to make it even safer?

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