Each of these questions asks you to engage

Section II:
Each of these questions asks you to engage with at least two concepts from the course, and to put these two concepts into conversation with each other. As usual, focus on carefully explaining each concept – what it means in the context of the reading it comes from, and the name of the author/s of that reading; and do best to answer the question by drawing on  understanding of the concepts.


1.Ewen and Ewen show that US film culture went through a significant shift from the 1910s to the 1920s. In the 1910s, movies and movie houses offered spaces and stories that spoke directly to working-class immigrants, and particularly immigrant women. By the 1920s, movies began telling very different stories to immigrant women. According to Ewen and Ewen, in what ways did movies in the 1910s speak to working class immigrants, and in what ways did movies start to tell different stories in the 1920s? Explain how this shift in movie culture relates to the concept of antiseptic electrical space.


2.Explain two ways that architecture can be understood as media and explain how architectural media can be understood as a form of ISA.


3.Imagine that are teaching a first-year undergraduate class in Media Studies. Show how  would explain the relationship between “modularity” and “engineered inequity.”









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