summary of the major concepts of the theoretical orientation and/or presenting issue you are addressing

Each student must read at least two outside credible sources besides the textbook (peer-reviewed journal articles, and/or professional books, NOT WEBSITES OR WIKIPEDIA) discussing one theoretical orientation discussed in the text. It is okay to also reference the textbook sometimes, but I want you to do your own research by gathering outside, peer-reviewed sources. If you are not familiar with using peer-reviewed sources, contact the library for help.

This paper provides a chance to go into greater detail within a specific theoretical orientation, or type of psychotherapy, about its history, development, strengths, limitations, effectiveness with diverse populations, etc. For example, if you like psychodynamic psychotherapy, find sources about some aspect of it, like object relations theory, how Freud first used it, or how effective it is with personality disorders. Or, you might decide to write a paper on some historical treatment intervention, like what it was like in early psychiatric hospitals. Or, if you are interested in eating disorders, you might write a paper about what eating disorders are and our current understanding of the best ways to treat them. If the theoretical orientation you wish to research is not listed in our text, send an email to the instructor to make sure it is appropriate.

The student will provide a thoughtful 4-page (not including cover page and references) double-spaced summary of the major concepts of the theoretical orientation and/or presenting issue you are addressing. **Please use your own words to write your paper — do not cut and paste quotes from your sources. APA format should be used to cite within the text, and references should be provided using the same format. Use of APA format, spelling/grammar, length, and content will be used for evaluation. The paper will be due by the end of the semester, but you are encouraged to work on it and turn it in early.

Grading Rubric is as follows:

  • Full Length=1 inch margins; Times New Roman; 12-font (10 pts)
  • Grammar/ Spelling (5 pts)
  • APA format on references; references cited in text (10 pts)
  • Use of at least two reputable reference sources excluding textbook (10pts)
  • Content, cohesiveness, and flow (35 points)

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