Juvenile Delinquency Behavior-Elizabeth’s behavior

Juvenile Delinquency Behavior

Elizabeth grew up in a tough, lower-class neighborhood that was characterized by several cultures and high mobility. She never felt close to her parents, and she did not perform well in school. She valued such things as her fighting ability and ability to con people. When she was 10 years old, she began to associate with delinquent peers who taught her how to steal cars and burglarize houses. She received rewards from her peers for her behavior and did not feel guilty for her delinquent acts. Instead, she would say that the people she stole from were wealthy enough to afford to replace the items, and most had insurance anyway.

1.) What social structure theories can be used to explain Elizabeth’s behavior? Be sure to discuss each theory you identify and apply the tenets/principles of each theory to Elizabeth’s behavior.

2.) Of the theories you used to explain Elizabeth’s behavior, which one best explains her behavior? Justify your answer.  

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