Care Plan-Mr. Jackson

Care Plan-Mr. Jackson

Please use the concept map to plan care for Mr. Jackson. Mr. Jackson is a 38-year-old African American that presents with an altered level of consciousness (ALOC). He has been having headaches for the last three months but due to a hectic work schedule he has not been able to go to see his medical practitioner.

During his last visit two years ago, his blood pressure was slightly elevated, but he never followed up. Upon arrival to the ED a CT scan is completed and it shows a large bleed near the frontal lobe. What should Mr. Jackson’s plan of care include?

Module 9 Concept Map.docx


Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.


Concept maps

Student will include the following when completing concept maps throughout this course:

a) At least five possible medications

b) At least five diagnostic data the nurse

would consider (specific labs or other testing)

c) Five Nursing diagnoses written in 2-part

format. Identify one primary


For the primary diagnoses you identified, list at least 5 interventions the

nurse would

         perform for the primary nursing diagnosis you identified


only two diagnoses can be ‘potential / risk of..’


Actual identification of interventions and diagnoses make a better nurse.

d) Five educational points the patient or

family would need education on.

Complete Answer:

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