Organ leadership Week Five Discussion Post

Organ leadership Week Five Discussion Post

One leader has a shared vision. A visionary leader is thought to have thoughts about where they want to go and how they want to achieve success. This type of leader inspires employees to work together to achieve the organization’s vision and objective. This encourages effective decision-making and ensures that all of an organization’s responsibilities have been completed.

A good decision is implemented by a leader who leads by example and allows others to follow. When a business has this type of leader, it becomes a simple task since people will work together in a humble manner, allowing the organization to achieve its goals and objectives effectively.


A good leader is able to communicate effectively. When a smart judgment is made and leaders demonstrate equality, effective communication between leaders and their followers occurs. This means that the company must have an effective route for communicating information so that everyone gets the information they need at the correct moment.


When there is an effective operation in an organization, both the top and lower level personnel can cooperate regardless of their differences, providing an effective working environment, this is portrayed as effective decision-making in leaders.


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Question No. 2


A charismatic leader is someone who can influence others in an organization by his or her communication abilities, persuasiveness, and charm. This type of leader has the ability to connect with people at all levels of an organization and persuade them to do what is necessary to achieve their goals and objectives. Transformational leadership, on the other hand, is defined as a leadership style that affects both individuals and the social system. This type of leader strives to affect good changes in his followers, giving them a more effective means of achieving their intended goals and objectives. This type of leader aims to increase staff involvement in their work.


The two leadership styles effectively support technology innovation by motivating staff to adopt current improvements as they happen, resulting in a greater possibility to use the most up-to-date technology, which promotes an organization’s effective functioning.


Third question


The work schedule, decision-making, and feedback provided through cooperation are all examples of work characteristics. Traditional organizations display organizational structure in the form of a corporate hierarchy, which depicts how workflows progress from the top down. Higher performance, on the other hand, demonstrates the steps taken by an organization to maintain its performance at a higher level and in a manner that outperforms its competitors. When comparing the two ways, I believe that high performance is the ideal approach for promoting strategic decision-making and efficient operations in a company. When a company wants to improve its performance, it will use any methods necessary to ensure that it has achieved a competitive advantage over competitors. Reference


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