Avoid These Errors in your Nursing Research Paper Writing|50+ Nursing Research Topics

The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Research Paper Writing

Nursing Research Paper Writing is a necessary component of developing into a top-notch professional in your field. Plans-of-care, business plans, and other legal documents all require proficiency in this type of nursing essay writing. A good nurse must assess the patient’s health status, critically approach and analyze all data obtained through necessary screens, and effectively communicate first aid treatment.

The Typical Nursing Research Paper Structure

Introduction. This section of the essay is primarily concerned with introducing the subsequent sections. It must include the rationale for the research’s value, the purpose (why are you conducting it), the existing data on your topic (names of prominent scientists who have worked on it), and the hypothesis or hypotheses you have.

Your introduction serves as the project’s face. It should capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged throughout. To help you create your own introduction, you can browse through Dissertation Introduction. For example, “Pain and culture are both ill-defined concepts that are difficult to define authoritatively. They are, however, both critical factors in the provision of health care.”

Methodology and sources consulted. This is one of the more time-consuming sections. You describe in detail and painstaking detail all of the methods and approaches you used to conduct your survey in this section. Every subject in the field of nursing has been discussed at least once by a few scientists. This is why there is a wealth of literature devoted to nursing (articles, essays, documentation, dissertations etc.).

Obtained outcomes. Present all of the outcomes that occur as a result of completing your task. Which outcomes are the most fruitful and critical. Tell us about the evidence that supports and backs the results you obtained.

Discussion. This is your opportunity to express your personal opinion. Make a list of all the disadvantages and advantages of your research. Indicate whether the subject on which you concentrated has future implications in terms of theory and practice. You evaluate the findings and provide context for the reader.

Conclusion. The conclusion is a condensed version of the preceding information. Mention all of the points made in the introduction, including the hypothesis; indicate whether the survey’s objective was met or not; and list all of the methods used. Avoid going into detail; this is the shortest section. For instance, “This report has identified elder abuse as a pervasive social problem…”

Avoid These Errors in your Nursing Research Paper Writing


Employing a colloquial tone.

Repetition of the same theme throughout the essay.

Selecting a subject that you dislike and are uninterested in

In the conclusion and discussion paragraphs, go into detail.

50 Frequently-Researched Topics in Nursing Research Paper Writing

Are you looking for the hottest research topics? They evolve with each passing year, as innovations and technologies advance. We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently discussed healthcare topics for your convenience.

  1. The Issues Facing Spouses of Dyslexic Patients
  2. Geriatric Ethics
  3. Checklist for Delivery Room Etiquette
  4. Parkinson’s Disease: Causes and Progression
  5. Mental Health Exercises
  6. Effective Antenatal Treatment Suggestions
  7. How to Treat Restless Legs Syndrome
  8. Practices for Neonatal Resuscitation
  9. Bladder Cancer Treatment That Is Effective
  10. Approaches to Improving Nurses’ Emotional Health
  11. Mothers’ Skin-to-Skin Contact and Its Consequences
  12. Is a Nurse Entitled to Prescribe Drugs?
  13. Assessment of Behavior in Pediatric Primary Care
  14. Why is it possible for a mother’s health to be jeopardized during childbirth?
  15. Recommendations for Fostering the Development of Strong Nursing Communities
  16. Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Diagnosis and Treatment
  17. Threats to Pre-Term Labor
  18. Music Therapy and Breastfeeding
  19. Ageism’s Effect on Mental Health
  20. Atrial Fibrillation Research
  21. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Water Birth
  22. Preventative Measures for Individuals Who Are Confronted with Infectious Diseases
  23. Stroke Disease and Treatment Options
  24. The Impact of Government Policies on Healthcare Professional Hiring
  25. Critical Care Demands
  26. The Primary Causes of Depression
  27. Methods for Detecting an Elderly Patient Who Has Been Abused
  28. Acne Treatment and Prevention
  29. Consequences of “Cold Therapy”
  30. Effective End-of-Life Care Interventions
  31. Female Population: Risk Factors for Osteoporosis
  32. Alcoholism and How to Overcome It
  33. Ethical Issues in Pain Management
  34. Patient Ethics in Psychiatry
  35. How to Educate Females on Menopause Management
  36. Reasons for Elderly Residents in Nursing Homes to Consume Alcohol
  37. Engagement of Families in Primary Healthcare
  38. Do a patient’s race and gender matter when it comes to pain management?
  39. PTSD in United States Army Veterans
  40. How to Prepare a Nurse to Work in Primary Care
  41. Teen Aggression and Video Games
  42. The Effects of Abdominal Massage on Critically Ill Patients
  43. Creating a Successful Weight Loss Program: A Case Study
  44. Comparing and Contrasting Models of Public Health Nursing in Different Regions
  45. Mirror Therapy for Patients With Partial Paralysis Following a Stroke
  46. The Causes of Hypertension
  47. Self-Care and Adult Sickle Cell Patients
  48. Schizophrenia Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment
  49. Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome
  50. Preparing for a Caesarean Section
  51. Which Cold and Cough Medicines Are Available?
  52. What Causes Anxiety Disorders in Patients?
  53. Utilization of Prohibited Substances in Medicine
  54. How to Make Health Care Decisions Wisely and Safely
  55. Procedure for Cardiovascular Imaging
  56. Alternative vs. Complementary Therapy
  57. Can Certain Grains Help to Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases?
  58. Contractual Restrictions on Medical Services
  59. How to Deal with Severe Stress
  60. The Fundamentals of Sports Medicine
  61. The Gender Disparity in Healthcare Professionals
  62. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Asthma Management in Educational Institutions
  63. Clinical Nurses: Diverse Roles
  64. Case Study: Successful Migraine Treatment
  65. A Comprehensive Examination of Ovarian Disorder
  66. Until There Are Questions, Distant Intensive Treatment
  67. Appropriate Sleep Disorders Treatment
  68. How to Deal with Difficult Situations on Night Shifts
  69. Breast Cancer Prevention Techniques That Work
  70. Healthcare and Medicine’s Future (Based on Modern Innovations)
  71. Approaches to Insomnia Treatment
  72. Endocrinology of Reproduction
  73. Diversification in the Medical Field
  74. Menopause-Related Issues
  75. Vaginal Atrophy: Causes and Effects
  76. Is Health Insurance for Children a Right or a Privilege?

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